As an Atlanta employment dispute attorney, I am quite sure I speak for most persons when I say that looking for employment is exceedingly stressful. Moreover, when an offer of employment finally comes in from an employer, it can be a whirlwind experience. Because the hiring process can be rushed for both the new employee and the company, many Georgia employment agreements are entered into without giving sufficient consideration to key factors. Unfortunately, not paying attention to the details of an employment agreement up front can be a big mistake in the long run.

In my Atlanta, Georgia Business Law firm, I have counseled clients on both sides of the table regarding Georgia employment agreement disputes. Oftentimes, these cases hinge on the circumstances under which the employment agreement was signed. When an employment disagreement arises, Georgia courts likely will take into consideration many factors surrounding the signing of an employment agreement. This is especially true concerning whether the employee was presented with the agreement before employment actually began. If an employer gives the employee an employment agreement before employment begins as well as ample time to review the agreement and consider the implications of signing, then it is more likely that the court will favor the employer and enforce the signed contract. The terms of employment should be presented before work begins and supplying the employee with a comprehensive contract will allow for fair “arm’s length” negotiations between parties.

Before signing any employment contract it is always wise to ask a Georgia Business Employment Contract Attorney to review the terms and conditions of the agreement. An experienced contract lawyer will be able to spot potential issues or areas that are lacking in the contract that might become a problem in the future. It is even more critical for an employee to retain a Georgia employment contract attorney if asked to sign an employment agreement after work has already begun. The courts do not typically tolerate this type of approach by companies, especially if the terms set out are not favorable for the employee. Examples are if the contract presented spells out a reduction in employee benefits or a change in remuneration.

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