Over the past few years in my Atlanta, Georgia business law firm, I have found that causes of action for breach of contract are much more prevalent today than in recent history. As an Atlanta Business Litigation Attorney, I have seen this trend steadily increase and attribute it to both the current economic situation and to the fact that we live in a highly transactional society.

Contracts can be written or oral and others are merely implied, but they can all be valid contracts under Georgia law. The number of businesses that provide services to each of us on a business or personal level is staggering – lending and investment institutions, Internet service providers, hospitals, lawn care services, etc. We use contracts when we set up a Georgia business entity, buy or lease office space or hire employees. The list is endless. Thus, disputes and litigation of Georgia breach of contract cases is endless as well.

Business contracts are used to substantiate and clarify the commitment to an agreement between at least two parties or more. With the shear volume of contracts that we come in contact with, it is not surprising that legal claims for breach of contract are common. A breach of contract occurs when the promise made per a contract is not fulfilled. For example, a breach of contract exists when the service or product specified in the contract is not delivered, if payment for the service or product is not made in a timely fashion, or if there is a failure to complete or start the work specified in a contract.

When faced with a breach of contract, it is best to seek the counsel of an experienced Georgia business attorney who handles breach of contract disputes. An attorney will analyze the situation and pursue the most appropriate course of action. Once a breach occurs, the non-breaching party is usually freed from the contractual obligation. Georgia courts typically resolve these cases by awarding damages that make the non-breaching party whole, as if they had never entered into the contract. When money awarded by the court does not fully compensate for the breach, the breaching party may be ordered to fulfill the terms of the agreement anyway. If the breaching party is found to be intentionally acting in bad faith, the court may award attorney’s fees as well as punitive damages to the harmed party.

It is prudent to seek the advice of a Georgia Business Litigation Lawyer when you are confronted with breach of contract situation, or as soon as you suspect that a breach of contract may occur. Our team of attorneys at The Libby Law Firm is equipped to represent anyone suffering from a breach of contract and we will work efficiently and tirelessly to ensure the most beneficial resolution for our clients. Call our office today to discuss your situation at (404) 467-8611. You may also send us a message through our confidential Web Site form.

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