The building, renovation, or repair of a home can involve great expense and stress, even when the project is going smoothly. But when issues arise with contractors over construction defects, the cost and stress of the project can spiral out of control. The resulting mess can ultimately lead to a lawsuit that does not always solve the homeowner’s issues completely. The Georgia Right to Repair Act of 2004 was created to protect homeowners and help them handle these types of construction disputes in a more cost effective and efficient manner. The Act attempts to get homeowners and contractors to work together to solve these disputes without Georgia construction defect litigation or arbitration in a Georgia forum.

The Georgia Right to Repair Act requires that the homeowner perform a series of tasks before seeking relief from the Georgia court system or through the Georgia construction arbitration process. While it is open to question that the Right to Repair Act Letter can be waived by the parties to a construction defect dispute, the general process is that homeowners are first required to inform the contractors in writing of the construction defects. After that, the contractors are allowed a chance to correct the defects. They may opt to fix the problem completely or partially, offer a monetary settlement in place of a fix, or a combine the two methods. Over a 3-month period, several communications are required that must fall within a specific timeline before a lawsuit or an arbitration complaint can be filed by the homeowner. If the contractor fails to respond to the initial notice, or if the settlement offered is inadequate or never executed, the homeowner may file a Georgia construction defect lawsuit or proceed with the Georgia arbitration process for resolution of the construction defect.

Most homeowners will not be able to perform these tasks adequately without the help of an Georgia construction law firm. Failure to comply with the complete series of requirements outlined in the Act will affect the homeowner’s ability to pursue a legal claim. Moreover, the failure to send a Right to Repair Act Letter can be used as an effective defense against defective construction claims. In effect, the steps required by the Right to Repair Act are best handled by an experienced Georgia Construction Defect Attorney who can protect the homeowner’s rights and ability to file a claim.

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