In my real estate litigation law firm, I wanted to make you aware that home sellers are required to disclose the home defects to any buyers or they could be held liable for failure to disclose defects when selling the home. Georgia law requires disclosure of defects on the “Seller’s Disclosure Statement“, which is part of most sales contracts and incorporated into the contract. The seller of a home must disclose defects, which are not readily discoverable by the homebuyer.

Conversely, the homebuyer cannot just rely on the home seller to gain a full knowledge of the condition of the home they are purchasing. The homebuyer must use due diligence to inspect the home and discover and defects which could be reasonably discoverable upon a diligent inspection. Homebuyers are not required to discover latent defects or defects hidden by the home seller. When a homebuyer is tricked by a home seller into buying a home through fraud and misrepresentation, many causes of action may be brought against the home seller. Unfortunately, in today’s real estate market where homes are hard to sell, our Georgia real estate fraud law firm is seeing more and more cases where the sellers of a home have engaged in fraud, fraudulent inducement, or misrepresentation of material issues in order to effectuate the sale of their home.

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