“Due Diligence,” is an expansive term used in commercial real estate. This term is commonly used to refer to the process of examination, inspection, and investigation of real property to determine the suitability of the property for a certain transaction before a purchaser consummates the purchase of the property. The term “Due Diligence” is also used in business transactions to refer to the process of examination, inspection, and investigation of a business entity before an acquisition, merger, buy-out, loan, or other transaction takes place.

In almost all Georgia Commercial lease agreements and other commercial real estate transactions, due diligence should be unconditionally carried out before any agreement is entered into. Commercial transactions are usually complex and frequently cause problems when the parties involved fail to seek legal counsel to help them understand and guide them through the Georgia real estate transaction process. One reason for the complexity is that some real estate terms are not commonly understood by people outside of the industry and can carry significant legal consequences. Some of these terms include “subordination,” “triple net lease,” “tenant improvement allowance,” “estoppel certificates”, “demised area”, “CAM charges”, “base rent”, “escalation,” and/or “rise” An Atlanta, Georgia Real Estate Lease Attorney understands and uses these terms and can ensure that their client’s needs are met. In addition to terminology, there are many other factors that complicate real estate transactions but that need to be negotiated, like parking space allotment, signage restrictions, exclusivity provisions, and/or insurance requirements.

Because of the complex nature of commercial real estate leases and contracts, without thorough investigation and due diligence, a lessee or buyer can be bound by a contract that does not fully serve their needs or inhibits their business venture. Sometimes the terms of these agreements span several years, many decades, or are final. Thus, proper review, negotiation and preparation of contracts and agreements is critical. Additionally, most lease agreements or property purchases add value to a Georgia business entity as either an asset or a liability, so careful consideration is required during the due diligence period.

In my Atlanta, Georgia Real Estate Law Firm, I have seen many clients come to me regarding Georgia real estate transactions only after issues have already surfaced. It is much more efficient and cost effective to seek legal counsel before signing any real estate agreement. The trouble and money saved by putting in the proper due diligence up front is worth the nominal expense. As a lessee, it is important to keep in mind that commercial landlords will always present lease contracts that promote their own best interests. As a result, it is imperative to have your own Georgia attorney review all commercial real estate contracts and make the appropriate modifications in favor of your interests. The same is true for the seller’s of commercial real estate, and the same extreme caution must be taken to protect the buyer’s interests.

As a Georgia business owner, you should always be in control of where your business is conducted and on what terms. By working with a Georgia real estate lawyer during the due diligence phase of any commercial real estate transaction, you can maintain control of these areas of your business. The Atlanta, Georgia Real Estate Attorneys at The Libby Law Firm will negotiate all contracts in your favor. Please call our office today to discuss your needs at (404) 467-8611.

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