Finding a construction defect in your Georgia home can be a devastating experience that leads to costly repairs and a significant drop in the home’s value. This is especially true if these defects are not quickly corrected or allowed to worsen. In my Atlanta Construction Defect Law firm, I find that there are several common types of defects that occur. Design defects are created in the initial planning stages if the architect or engineer does not follow industry standards in drafting the design. Construction deficiencies are evident when the structure is built using inferior workmanship. Material defects arise when the builder uses substandard materials in the construction of the structure. Subsurface deficiencies occur when the structure’s foundation is inadequate for the type and configuration of the land upon which the structure is built.

It is critical that you seek legal counsel when faced with one of the above construction defects. A qualified Georgia Construction Defect Attorney can help you identify the best possible strategy to resolve the issue. One first step is the identification of an architect or engineer who provides litigation and arbitration support and can provide a thorough inspection. The inspection should be done as soon as a problem is noticed or suspected, but it is important to pick an appropriate professional expert to conduct do the inspection.

An experienced Atlanta, Georgia construction attorney will be able to put you in contact with an architect or engineer that is qualified to review and evaluate the type of construction defect(s) found, even if it is not immediately evident when visually inspected. Finding the right expert to provide this data is critical. Besides providing the inspection, the expert architect or engineer likely will be be providing testimony and case support during the Georgia construction litigation or arbitration process and will be asked to propose corrective measures. Under Georgia law, you do have legal recourse and can fight to restore the structure and/or receive compensation for damage.

By retaining a skilled Atlanta construction defect attorney, you will take a step toward protecting your rights and your investment. The Atlanta construction lawyers at The Libby Law Firm will assist you in identifying which party is responsible for the construction defect and then work to rectify the situation through arbitration and/or litigation. Call today if you know about or suspect a home defect at (404) 467-8611 . The Libby Law Firm is located in the Buckhead section of Atlanta n Piedmont Road.

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