As an Atlanta, Georgia construction lawyer I stay very busy when I am preparing for a Georgia construction arbitration proceeding/hearing. Sometimes I have little contact with the outside world news. However, some matters do keep my attention in this upcoming election, such as healthcare reform, the estate tax debate, the “Buffet Rule”, and withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan — ending a long war. These changes are taking place on a national level and to some extent, a local level. It is my opinion that if the Republicans control Congress after the 2012 elections and President Obama is not re-elected, then much of President Obama’s attempted changes will be put to rest. Thus, it is understandable we are living in uncertain times wherein we do not know what or will not change. What will not change is Georgia construction law and the need to proactively protect your property/real estate interests from unscrupulous Georgia builders, contractors, and sub-contractors. Georgia construction defects will continue at a high rate as Georgia builders, Georgia general contractors, Georgia sub-contractors, and other Georgia building professionals try to cut corners to make ends meet and extend their profits. This is being done at the expense and hardship of Georgia homebuyers and new home purchasers.

Fortunately, under Georgia Construction Law, there are options to hold your Georgia builders, general contractors, and sub-contractors liable for their negligence, shoddy construction, construction defects, and more. Please read on and into my article discussing some of the issues a homeowner, buyer, or purchaser of a new home should be aware of to protect their home investment interests. I offer you the following:

In my Atlanta, Georgia construction law firm, all of the Atlanta, Georgia construction lawyers are sure that current Georgia construction law and Georgia construction defect problems (especially in big metro areas like Atlanta) are here to stay. Every building over time will see the results of wear and tear, but knowing whether the problem is an easy fix or a major reconstruction project needs to be determined before you buy. After all, construction defects can reduce the value of your property significantly. These defects can range from design issues to faulty systems to failure to meet Georgia industry building standards. Remember – not all construction defects are created equal. What may look like a simply crack in the ceiling could actually turn out to be a major architectural default or foundational defect.

As an Atlanta, Georgia construction defect attorney, I want to note what constitutes a Georgia construction defect is based upon a variety factors. Our Atlanta, Georgia construction defect lawyers always engage a professional such as a Georgia structural engineer, Georgia construction expert, or other Georgia construction professional with the qualifications under Georgia law and the knowledge under Georgia construction law, to evaluate the work of Georgia builders, general contractors, and sub-contractors. Moreover, we have an expert behind each and every Georgia construction defect claim we bring on behalf of clients (there are a few exceptions to this internal Firm policy).

1) The potential buyer’s reasonable expectations. Most consumers do not have a realistic expectation of what is to be expected and thus may over analyze issues that are in actuality an easy fix.

2) The builders understanding of building codes and their willingness to comply with those regulations.

3) Whether the construction of the building was completed in the appropriate manner by individuals who possess the required workman behavior.

4) Whether the materials used to construct the structure were used for their intended purpose and were suited for the project at hand.

5) If the intended plans of the architect and/or engineer were used to the correct extent and followed according to their drafts.


Asphalt or Concrete – Not taking the time to properly install asphalt or concrete can result is cracking or other series problems.

Electrical – Faulty wiring is a common defect that can result in hazardous fires and electrical voltages.

Plumbing and Drainage – Plumbing defects can range anywhere from improper installation of water heaters to leaky pipes. These deficiencies can cause ceiling cracks and water damage to your venue.

Heating and Cooling Systems – Improper installation of these systems can lead to extreme harm. If air ducts are blocked gas buildup can occur leading to carbon dioxide poising.

Floors and Ceiling – Improper design can result in floors and/or ceilings collapsing, because they are not able to sustain the weight put upon them.

Roofs – Many issues can occur with roofing from shingle misplacement to the underlay. The most common damage caused is water intrusion into your building resulting in dangerous molds.

Windows and Doors- Not having these features installed property can result in mold and rot, because the moisture is able to seep in. Toxic mold can lead to major health complications and illness.

Structural – On of the most serve types of defects starts at the ground level. Not having the base of your building strong enough to withstand a variety of weather can have a devastating outcome.

Mold and Wood Rot – These problems occur when buildings are exposed to moisture for long periods of time weakening your building structure.

Before you plan to purchase a new property seek professional advice from someone familiar in the construction field to ensure you are getting a great property for a great price. In addition, it is important to speak with an Atlanta, Georgia construction arbitration attorney if you believe you may have a construction defect issue.

The Libby Law Firm Atlanta, Georgia construction arbitration, dispute, and litigation attorneys have momentous experience representing Georgia homeowners, home purchasers, Georgia contractors, sub-contractors, builders, landlords and more. The Georgia construction defect lawyers are skilled, knowledgeable, practiced and experienced in all aspects of Georgia construction law, and the Georgia dispute proceedings associated with them, such as binding Georgia construction arbitration. We are also well-known for our ability to build a case from the right to repair letter, to the defects, to the dispute proceedings. If you believe you have construction defect issues, “Contact Us” to discuss a strategy that protects your property interests.

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