As a construction attorney in Georgia Georgia construction law firm, I recognize that for most people, buying a home is one of the biggest investments they will ever make, so when construction defects are found in a new home or renovation project, the issue can be devastating both financially, emotionally, psychologically, and more. In fact, stress and financial hardship are commonplace for the homeowner burdened with a defective dwelling. Homeowners often lose money on their investment since the property is worth less because of the defects. Our Atlanta construction attorneys refer to this situation as diminution in value. A home with construction defects not only generates less money when sold, but also is much more difficult to sell. Inevitably, homeowners will spend additional time and money to rectify construction issues or lose money on their investment when they sell their home.

Especially true today, it is not uncommon for builders and contractors to find ways to save money on construction projects. . . . . AND, they do so at your (the Homeowner’s expense and detriment) . . .

Although being cost-conscious does not always result in construction defects, it can increase the likelihood of such occurrences. Additionally, many builders and contractors customarily use subcontractors to complete building projects. Subcontractors are found on most job sites, but the builder or contractor often completes their work with minimal supervision so the quality of their work frequently goes unchecked. Moreover, even in cases where the subcontractor cuts corners to save time or money on a construction project, any resulting defects are still the legal responsibility of the builder or contractor. This is even true when the subcontractor knowingly and purposely hides defects from the builder or contractor. The subcontractor will still be legally responsible as well.

Georgia construction law very clearly states that the builder or contractor is directly accountable for any material defects in the construction project, regardless of who completes the work at the site. Because there is legal recourse for homeowners who discover construction defects, it is wise to consult an experienced Georgia real estate construction lawyer as soon as a problem arises to ensure that your interests are represented. And while many homebuyers who discover defects in the construction of their homes only seek the advice of a Georgia construction attorney once the defects are noticed and legal action is required, it is possible to protect yourself before construction begins by having a qualified real estate construction attorney draft a solid Georgia construction contract or Georgia purchase/sale agreement that will better protect your investment.

So, whether you require legal representation due to a Georgia construction defect dispute, or if you just want to ensure that the investment in your home is maximized, The Libby Law Firm is available to ensure that your rights are protected. Our Atlanta construction law firm provides counsel to anyone in need of real estate contracts or any party involved in a construction dispute, including the purchaser, seller, builder/contractor and sub-contractor. Please call our Main Office at (404) 467-8611, to discuss your legal needs and to set up a consultation with one of our Georgia home defect lawyers. Or you may contact us by sending a message through our confidential Contact Us form on our website. Our main office is located in the historic Buckhead district of Atlanta.

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