As an Atlanta, Georgia home defect lawyer and homeowner, I know well the importance of having that perfect house built for you. For the most part, a house is one of, if not the biggest investments, most persons will make in their lifetime. This underscores importance of being extremely diligent and using your best efforts to receive the quality house that you likely have partially paid for and will likely be paying for many years into the future. Oftentimes, you will find that one of the best decisions you can make to ensure your investment is protected, is to retain an experienced real estate construction law firm to represent you and protect your investment.

In my practice as an Atlanta, Georgia house defect lawyer, I find more and more cases where builders/contractors and their sub-contractors are cutting corners in the building of your house to make ends meet. When this is done, you are the one who is left with the defective house, many frustrating home defect problems and the inability to sell your house. These home defects usually result in you taking a large loss in market value of your home. This means that you are essentially stuck with a defective house unless you sell it for much less, than you paid.

The fact of the matter is, most builders will cut corners and build you a sub-standard quality building if they feel they can get away with doing this. This is more so the case with sub-contractors who do the majority of the work and should have to answer to the builder/contractor. In reality, however, the sub-contractors are usually left to themselves with the builder or contractor checking on them very seldom. It is important for you to know that the builder/contractor is responsible for the acts of sub-contractors and any negligent, wrong or defective building done by them. Many of sub-contractors will cut corners and hide this from the builder/contractor. Georgia law is clear, however, that the builder/contractor is responsible for any material defects concerning the building and construction of your house.

If you suspect your builder, contractor, or one of their sub-contractors are cutting corners in the construction of your house, or you want to ensure that your large investment in your home is protected, The Libby Law Firm represents all parties to construction, building, and real estate contracts, construction arbitration, mediation, disputes and litigation. This includes residential homebuyers, purchasers and sellers; residential homebuilders, builders, contractors and sub-contractors; and, commercial lessors and lessees. Our Firm specializes in aggressively resolving real estate, home defect and building disputes and represent clients throughout the metro Atlanta and North Georgia areas. The truth is, most building disputes arise when the damage is already done and one party to the contract needs to seek legal relief. However, we are available review, negotiate or draft any construction contract or home purchase and sale agreement so that you are protected.

Please feel free to contact us (404) 467-8611 to see how we can assist you. Please also feel free to send us a confidential e-mail Web Site contact us form. The Libby Law Firm is conveniently located in the Buckhead section of Atlanta, GA near the intersection of Piedmont and Roswell Roads.

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