As an Atlanta, Georgia business contract lawyer, I am seeing more and more disputes and litigation concerning non-competition agreements (often referred to as “non-compete agreements”) and non-solicitation agreements. The underlying reason I am hearing from my Georgia business clients is that they are being sued because there is only a limited amount of Georgia business in Atlanta, Georgia. This is especially true in with the densely populated metro Atlanta areas. In contrast, many of my Georgia business clients are suing because they feel there is not enough business to go around in these difficult times and they need to protect themselves from unfair competition and the “stealing” of their clients. Much of the reasoning behind these Georgia non-competition (“non-compete”) and non-solicitation lawsuits, and reasons to enforce them or bring them, is that there is a general lack of Georgia consumer business in the Metro Atlanta, Georgia area.

If your employer has requested you sign a Georgia non-competition agreement or Georgia non-solicitation agreement, you should retain a Georgia business contract lawyer to review, give advice and negotiate the terms of your employment. Should you However, if you are being sued for breach of such an agreement, you should immediately seek Georgia business counsel to defend you against such a law suit. Or, if you are an employer, and you feel that your employee has left and is unfairly competing against your company and which to enforce the Georgia business agreement, you need a GA law firm who specializes in Georgia business law and Georgia business contracts.

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