As an Atlanta, Georgia, business dispute and agreement lawyer, I know there are many important considerations concerning the signing of any employment agreement. This is true for both the employee and employer alike. Much of what is factored in to any Georgia Court’s decision will be the facts and circumstances surrounding the signing of the Georgia business agreement. As an Atlanta, Georgia business contract lawyer, I often will defend cases based on these circumstances. For instance, if the employer set matters forth concerning the employer-employee agreement to the employee before he or she was hired, gave the employee time to consider these matters, and review the business contract, then it is much more likely that a Georgia Court will hold this business contract enforceable against the employee.

The legal reasoning is, that if the employee had the time to read the document, have a Georgia business contract lawyer review the contract and advise her or him on matters, and consider the all the pertinent clauses as part of the consideration of whether to accept the employment position, then the employee had the opportunity to bargain for his or her employment terms. In contrast, if your employer requests or demands you sign any business agreement after your employment, the Georgia Courts will likely look at this as a coercive tactic not bargained for with your employment. In such instances, a smart employer with offer some consideration besides “implied” or “actual” continued employment. On such example would be coupling the signing of a Georgia business contract with a salary change or restructured benefits.

If your employer requires you sign a Georgia business agreement concerning your employment, you should play it safe and retain an Atlanta business lawyer to review this agreement and advise you concerning the consequences of your decision. In contrast, if you are an employer, and you feel that your employees should be bound by the terms of any business agreement. You should have a Georgia Business attorney or a Georgia business law firm to carefully craft your Georgia business contracts or review the ones you presently have to see if they are enforceable.

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