As an Atlanta, Georgia construction defect lawyer, improper concrete installation is a defect, which usually causes significant, costly, and severe damage. By the very nature of concrete’s physical makeup, its uses in construction, and its importance in our day-to-day construction world, construction defects are costly to correct. Oftentimes, these defects are not open and obvious and occur over time, making them even harder to detect or place blame on the party at fault. Nevertheless, Georgia law gives legal recourse to seek a legal remedy for all types of construction defects. As an Atlanta, Georgia Construction Defect Attorney, I always recommend that homeowners seek an Atlanta Construction Defect Lawyer with significant knowledge of concrete. Additionally, it is equally as important to find an engineer to work with you who understands concrete uses, its physical attributes, and how to rectify these defects. Usually a good construction defect attorney will have their construction expert they prefer. Quickly rectifying these issues, especially when they relate to concrete, is critical. If left unaddressed, concrete defects can worsen with time and seriously affect the structural integrity of the home. Ultimately, the safety of the dwelling, and ability of the homeowner to sell the property in the future, is at stake. Conversely, when working with construction companies to rectify their mistake or disprove accusations of fault, it is important to have independent concrete engineer and a working knowledge of concrete, its attributes, and the building industry standards.

As homeowners, we are forced to put our trust in many types of contractors and usually it is relatively straightforward to find a qualified professional who, through referrals, can make repairs. However, in new construction timelines and oversight of projects, contractors are usually not intimately involved in overseeing the project. This is especially true after the home is purchased and the pre-build out is complete. Unfortunately, it may be months or even years after the buyers move into the home, before the Georgia concrete construction defects discovered. Thus, it usually becomes a daunting task to rectify the situation by correcting the defects in a suitable fashion, finding the responsible parties, and holding accountable the responsible parties.

A Georgia construct defect attorney with knowledge of concrete can be invaluable in this process. This is especially true if this Georgia construction lawyer has a trusted construction concrete engineer by their side. One of the first things an attorney will do is to locate an expert who will inspect and evaluate the defects. This expert can also act as a witness during any necessary arbitration or litigation. The expert will have an insightful understanding of the science behind concrete application, not mere experience. This is critical and an experienced construction defect attorney will look for a construction expert who understands the importance of site evaluation, proper mixing techniques, the range of cement grades, correct concrete installation, proper curing for under different types of weather conditions and backfill quality.

The Georgia construction defect lawyers at The Libby Law Firm have a working knowledge of concrete defects and their list of skilled engineers to assist with specific concrete defects. Our aggressive construction attorneys are ready to pursue a suitable resolution to your construction defects in your commercial workplace, with a former sub-contractor, or in your home. Our Georgia construction attorneys are experienced in representing homeowners involved in disputes with builders, sub-contractors, contractors, and insurance companies. Likewise, our Georgia construction lawyers are experienced in representing builders, sub-contractors, contractors, and insurance companies, in disputes with homeowners.

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