As the world economy tightens and companies strive to turn a profit, it is not only Georgia consumers who fall victim to illegal business tactics and unfair business practices. Georgia companies also can be affected by the illegal and unfair business practices of their competitors. Businesses today are operating in a cutthroat environment driven by increasing competition, changing sales goals, workforce cuts and cost reductions. So it is not surprising that companies of all sizes are vulnerable to competitors that will take any action required to get a competitive edge.

While many companies do follow the law when competing within a given industry and limit their strategies accordingly, some take actions that are clearly in violation of Georgia business law. When disputes do arise, it seems that the large companies with deep pockets are able to protect themselves. They appear to effortlessly litigate in order to safeguard their market share, leaving smaller companies in their wake. While some smaller companies do participate in unfair business practices, it is often smaller businesses that need greater protection. Because of their size, these smaller companies often face a challenge when defending their rights against larger companies and corporations.

The upside is that Georgia business law regulates how businesses operate so that all companies have the opportunity to do business in an environment free of illegal and unfair business practices. The laws exist to discourage unfair behavior, but for some companies the temptation is too great and the law is broken. There are a host of activities that fall into the category of unfair business practices including price fixing between competitors, false advertising, monopolies and boycotting certain businesses. When laws are broken and companies become victims of these types of activities, Georgia business lawyers are there not only to defend the interests of their clients, but also to fight for compensation for losses incurred.

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