As Atlanta construction litigation attorneys and Atlanta Business attorneys alike, I know that one of the most important tools for contractors and subcontractors looking to protect their rights and ensure payment on a building or construction project is a lien. I also recognize that nothing is more frustrating to a new homeowner or property owner than an improperly filed lien, or an unexpected lien filed by a subcontractor after the property owner believes everyone has been paid.

The Georgia Legislature has recently made subtle but significant changes to the lien laws in Georgia. These changes state when and how a lien must be filed, how it can be removed, and how the lien may be enforced.

Several years ago, the law was changed to state that only attorneys may file liens. However, even Georgia real estate and construction attorneys may not be familiar with these changes and the various statutory requirements and “hoops” one must “jump through” to have a valid lien on file in the property records. Consequently, it is very important to consult Atlanta Construction Lawyers very familiar with lien laws in general, and the new changes in particular, if you are a contractor, subcontractor, or supplier looking to protect your rights, or if you are a property owner looking to challenge a lien.

In this ever-changing real estate and construction market, it is increasingly important to protect your hard work and your real property investment. This is why you must choose Atlanta real estate, construction, and business attorneys who understand the complexity of these revised lien laws and who can advise you on how to protect your business, your hard work, as well as your investment.

The Libby Law Firm has been at the forefront of the revised lien laws and the new Georgia construction arbitration statutes as they relate to contractors, builders, and homeowners alike. Our Firm of Atlanta construction attorneys specialize in liens, the “Right to Repair Act,” the new Georgia construction arbitration statutes, procedures and laws.

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