In my practice as an Atlanta, Georgia lien attorney, I can assure you Georgia liens are an important tool that builders, subcontractors and suppliers use when a property owner is delinquent on payment for a construction project. As a Atlanta, Georgia Construction lien attorney, I have seen changes in recent years to Georgia lien laws that have had a dramatic impact on the outcome of payment disputes on construction projects. The changes include important benefits for all concerned.

Changes to the law include how a lien is filed, removal of a lien and enforcement of a lien. One important modification is that in Georgia, only a licensed Georgia attorney may file a lien. Some of the changes to the law are so subtle, that only lawyers specializing in Georgia construction law may be able to properly file a lien. As a result, property owners, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers should always seek the qualified counsel of a Georgia construction attorney to handle lien issues.

Benefits of the changes in the lien law include the following. Property owners can contest a lien by sending the contractor a “Notice of Contest.” After receiving the notice, if the contractor wants to proceed, then the contactor must file a lawsuit within 60 days. Failure to file within 60 days invalidates the lien. Another benefit to the property owner is that an expiration date now is required on the lien. The modified law states that contractors will receive a copy of a filed lien when a “Notice of Commencement” is issued and subcontractors and suppliers will be notified when the property owner has bonded out a lien.

Because each Georgia construction lien situation is unique, different strategies may be required to resolve disputes and protect the rights and interests of the parties involved. As a result, the filing of liens and other related legal action is best left in the hands of a knowledgeable Georgia Business attorney or even better, a Georgia Construction Lien lawyer. The Atlanta, Georgia lien attorneys at The Libby Law Firm welcome the opportunity to discuss your construction payment disputes. Please feel free to call our Firm at (404) 467-8611, to set up an appointment. You can also send us a message through our confidential “Contact Us” website form. Our main office is conveniently located in the Buckhead section of Atlanta on Piedmont Road near GA 400 Lenox Road/Buckhead Loop Exit.

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